Relpax description, Relpax side effects, Relpax price, Relpax substance


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Relpax 40mgPfizer Inc6 tabs $64  €58  /


Get the Facts About Proven RELPAX® Relief

Still fighting migraine pain and symptoms? If your current therapy doesn't provide fast, complete, and lasting relief, you should know:

65% of surveyed patients never treated with RELPAX said they are less than satisfied with their current over-the-counter (OTC) and/or prescription medications.

In a recent survey of 1323 patients prescribed RELPAX:

93% of migraine sufferers who had tried RELPAX said they'd use it again.

74% of patients did not need a second dose of RELPAX, and

83% of patients were satisfied with their ability to get back to their day.

Clinical trials proved RELPAX® 40 mg to be superior to Imitrex®* 100 mg:

RELPAX was more likely to work with just one dose than Imitrex, and more people got relief from nausea and sensitivity to sound.

More RELPAX patients do not require rescue medication - medication used to get relief when other treatments fail - compared with patients taking Imitrex.

In one clinical trial:

13% more people who took RELPAX were headache free within 2 hours than people using Imitrex.

10% more RELPAX patients achieved lasting migraine relief 24 hours after dosing compared with patients taking Imitrex.

In a study of patients who were not satisfied with Imitrex, 59% got relief with RELPAX within 2 hours after dosing, and 74% got relief within 4 hours.

Clinical trials also prove that RELPAX 40 mg:

Works quickly on migraine pain: In some patients, RELPAX 40 mg started to work 30 minutes after dosing, and most people were able to get back to their day within 2 hours.

Provides effective relief with early treatment: More than 2 out of 3 patients who took RELPAX 40 mg at the onset of migraine, when pain was mild, became completely pain-free 2 hours after dosing. (In the same study, more than half of RELPAX patients who treated migraine at onset, when pain was mild, remained completely pain-free for 24 hours)

Provided migraine relief in patients who did not respond, or responded poorly, to the following prescription and OTC medications:
-- Excedrin® Migraine,
-- Prescription and OTC nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
(NSAIDs), and
-- Fioricet® and Fiorinal® (patients discontinuing these
medications who were then prescribed RELPAX).

Relpax description, Relpax side effects, Relpax price, Relpax substance


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Relpax description, Relpax side effects, Relpax price, Relpax substance
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